Ingstad & Co are ISO 14001/2015 certified and we constantly have the environment in consideration in our daily work all through the organization. 


We are constantly improving our routines to improve the organization and in order to minimize the impact we have on the environment.


Important from our Company's Environmental Policy:

  • Efficient use of resources both considering the environment and to offer cost effective services.​

  • Considering the environmental demands regarding procurement of goods, services and transports in order that these are effective both from a environmental- and a resource perspective.

  • Personal commitment, interest and knowledge regarding the environmental area and the willingness to constantly improve the organizations knowledge regarding environmental issues.

  • Clearly defined accountability within the organization with a responsability for the environment regarding all employees within the daily work and that given instructions and routins are followed. All discrepancy which can lead to risks regarding the environment shall be reported to the management.

  • In order to carry out an offensive and long term environmental work it requires a good profitability. Thereby resources for development and investments evolves.