It should be as easy and safe to send any goods to any place in the world as it is to deliver it to the next door.

Our business idea

We shall, in a cost efficient way, overcome any obstacle and simplify the customers extern material- and product flow with a personal service and competence where objectivity is in the forefront.

Cost efficient way means that our services shall be profitable both for the customer and for us as a supplier – a win-win situation. The organizations international contacts and agents is a strength and a guarantee for safe solutions with a good quality.

Overcome obstacles and simplify means that we facilitates the international trade for our customers. At Ingstad there are no problems - only challenges.

Extern material- and product flow includes everything from production machinery to end users and refers both import and export of raw material and products.

Personal service and competence is all about personal treatment in combination with wide knowledge and experience withiin international transports and logistics. We do not have a telephone exchange, instead all coworkers are prepared to help our customers direclty in the best possible way.

Objectivity in the forefront means that we work unconditionally when we choose the way of transport and the operator. We always have the customers interest first in mind regarding what is best for the specific shipment.