The right way to handle customs matters can reduce costs. It is important to have the right knowledge regarding how to make the customs clearance in a correct way but also to know how to handle eventual difficulties that can occur. For example regarding how to appeal against a customs addition in order to get it reduced or to be written off..


Ingstad & Co is connected to the Customs TDS (Customs Computer Systemt) and we have recruited knowledgeable staff directly from the Customs Office. This means fast and correct customs declarations to our customers.

We are also AEOF-certified by the Customs Office. Give us a call and we will explain how this can benefit your company.

AEOF stands for Authorised Economic Operator and in order to be certified our company must have documented and safe rutins through the whole organization. Read about the benefits with AEOF. Read more about our certificates.

Amongst our amployees we have customs experts who gladly will answer any question you have regarding customs.


”Upon contact with Ingstad we always get a personal treatment and fast service. Ingstad helps us in a time saving and easy manner with our customs matters when we import goods. We are very satisfied with our long cooperation.”

Adelina Gross AB, Haradin Osmanaj, Besnik Syla