Transport and logistics can be time- and knowledge consuming. By outsourcing your company's transport- and logistic department to Ingstad & Co you will get more time over to your core occupation in your company.


You will lover your total costs regarding your logistics, including your adminstrative costs regarding for example staff. You will also get an increased knowledge regarding logistic and transport costs and help to increase your profitability.

Benefits with outsourcing to Ingstad & Co:

Lower total costs – your fixed costs will get variable. You only pay for what you use.

The Logistic department is always available. Your company does not have to worry about staff during holidays, sickness or other absence.

Expertise. Logistics and freights are our core competence. Our staff are educated within logistics and have many years of experience with handling logistic solutions for our customers. We are AEOF- and IATA-certified which means more simple and safer customs handling and also more flexible air freights for our customers.

One invoice. You will get an overall invoice from us regardless how many partial transports, cargo handling, additional costs, port fees or outlay regarding customs and VAT. We specify whatever referens you want on the invoice in order to simplify your handling, and we give you a clear traceability regarding the different costs.

Releif for the purchase function. Your staff doesn't need to chase suppliers and different transportation. Ingstad & Co takes an overall responsability for the assignment and takes care of the delivery monitoring regarding incoming or departuring transports.

Competitive advantages. You will get a simple access to transport costs. This means that you can offer your customers price including delivery all over the world. This is a big competitive advantage against companies which can not offer their customers a total price which includes the delivery all the way to the end destination.

Worldwide network gives an increased flexibility.

We have our own offices in Sweden, Lithuania and China and agents in all major cities around the world. Our local presence gives you as our customer a strenght in complex countries, and also an increased flexibility when it comes to rapid changes.


More effective e-commerce and increased competitiveness. By outsourcing the logistics gives big advantages for large e-commerce companies. Products will arrive to the end customer without constant following-up and concerns for the e-commerce company. In these contexts bad service can jeopardize a future business from the same customer.