Logistic Inquiry

Transports and freight flows can be a complex matter in a company and it can be difficult to know if the cargo handling in your company's cargo efficient. Ingstad & Co offers Logistic Inquires where we do an investigation and overview  over your company's in- and and flow of materials and products. We give suggestions for improvements and these improvements can contribute to cost savings for your company. 

For example the warehousing can be reduced by using direct transports and by only transporting the right amount of a products that is needed under a predetermined time. In this way your company does not have to stock products that is not yet needed. To adjust the package according to the way of transport is also a way of beeing more cost effective.

E-commerce companies has a lot to win on more efficient logistic and direct transports, whose businesses are dependent on functioning transports. A Logistic Investigation is therefore a very good investment.