Hästtransport på Malmös gator.

Th. P. Pålsson står vid en av företagets transportbilar.

En av företagst lastbilar på xx-talet.



The clerk Sven Jönsson founded the company S. Jönsson.


The company was taken over by Th. P. Pålsson who continued the business at Norra Vallgatan 102 in Malmö.

Until 1940 it was especially horse transports that was used for the local transports which was the company's main business.


The company moves its business to Västergatan 32, but continues at Gamla Väster in Malmö, nearby the port and railway station.


The company moves to its current address, Hyregatan 9 in Malmö, in order to get bigger and more modern facilities. With the energetic boss in the front there was a big confidence founded for the company. During the postwar there was an increased need of transports and togehter with the technical development it created brand new opportunities regarding freight and logistics.


The company was reformed to a joint.stock.company. More efficient ways of transport and organizational improvements resulted in a significant boost for the company. The horses was now replaced by trucks.


The company has now been developed to a complete freight forwarding company who takes on all kinds of transports: on land, sea, railway and in the air. The company also takes care of customs issues, insurance questions and delivery control. In short, everything that a skilled freight forwarder offer its customers.


Ingmar Ingstad became the CEO of the company. The company's direction was changed only beeing a freight forwarder to beeing a knowledge business within international trade. Own vehicles and depot was discontinued. The company's new profile became international transports, logistics and cost effectiveness for the customers.


The company now started to transport live animals. From the beginning it was about race horses but later also bisons, dogs, cats and other animals has been a natural part of the business.


1995 the CEO Ingmar Ingstad was named honorary consul of Lithuania.


This year the subsidary company, Ingstad & Co UAB was founded in Vilnius, Lithuania and the company has had a strong development and today it has 10 employees.


The company opens a own office in Schenszen, China.


This year regular transports by road to Russia started.