Integrity policy for our private customers and contact persons. Introduction (GDPR) stands for General Data Protection Regulation and are new data protection laws which is applied within the EU.


GDPR replaces the Swedish personuppgiftslagen (PUL). Regarding to this we want to inform about which personal information about you as our customer that we deal with. This personaldata policy is for you, as individual, contact person at our existing, earlier and potential suppliers or customer, to feel safe about hos Ingstad & Co AB, as personal data responsible, handles your data according to GDPR.

The below personal data we manage about you as our existing or earlier private customer at Ingstad & Co AB:

Your name

Your e-mail address

Your telephonenumber

Your address

Your personal code number


For you who are a contact person at our former or potential customers or suppliers, it can be possible that we mangage the following personal data:

Your name

Your jobrelated e-mail address

Your jobrelated telephonenumber

your job title


We treat your personal data according to legal basis. If you or your employer is a customer or a supplier to Ingstad & Co AB, we use your personal data in order to be able to perform the services as you have ordered from us or that we have ordered from you.


The information will be saved as long as you/or your employer as a customer or supplier to us. If the cooperation ends or if the contact with you ends then we will save your personal data for 1 year. If your employeer is a customer or a supplier to us and we get the information that you no longer is the contact person we will immeditely remove your personal data. We can have legal duty to save some personal data longer than above, for example regarding to the accounting law and the Customs law. These data we will be saved for this purpose for 7 years as the appropriate law demands. Your have the right to be informed if we stores personal data regarding you..


If you want an extract regarding these personal data and information about why we manage them, please contact us to the below e-mail address. The information will be handed to you within a month. You can also contact us if you want us to change incorrect or incomplete information, delete information or limit how we manage your personal data. 


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