Visiting and post address: Hyregatan 9, SE-211 21 Malmö, Sweden

Telephone: + 46 (0)40 745 80


Ingmar Ingstad

CEO and owner

+46 (0)40 745 80

I run the company and make sure that we develop and offer the services that the market is demanding. I also work with outsourcing services and logistics investigations

Christer Swan

Senior advisor

+46 (0)40 745 80

I am a forwarding agent working with all types of freights.

Responsible regarding international transports

+46 (0)40 745 88

I am a specialist on interantional freights - air, sea, road and railway.

Paul Bäckstrand

Calle Malmgren

Transport manager Air/Sea

+46 (0)40 745 85

I work with Air- and sea freights all over the world. I also work a lot with customs matters.

Irma Berber

Lennart Göransson

Shipping agent

+46 (0)40 745 80

I clear vessels and are responsible of freighting and transit freights. 

Transport manager road and sea

+46 (0) 40 745 83

I work with road and railway transport in Europe and overseas shipments.

Johan Kristoffersson


+46 (0)40 745 80

Responsible of the company's annual final accounts and function as support to the company's economic department when needed.

Johan Markholm

CFO - Economy and market

+46 (0)40 745 89


I am responsible for the company's accounting and I work ongoing with cost effective questions that is also for the benefits to our customers and us.

I also work with developing the company's marketing.

Maria Ingstad Lells